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Well, there isn’t a magic potion or anything like that, but here is what has helped me in the past and keeps me motivated.

Especially right now, with everything going on around us, everything feels a lot harder than what is supposed to be.

I thought I would share my tips with you - hope you’ll find them useful:

1. Be Consistent

I know it’s hard and nothing seems to come out at first, but I promise you consistency is key in anything you do. Keep practising and deepening your knowledge with different teachers and studios. Everyone has something special to offer.

2. Moderation

Everything in moderation, including your practice!

In order to improve your practice, you don’t have to be on the mat 24/7.

Rest when you need, and push yourself when you feel like it. Rest is key for improvement, take time to listen to your needs with no guilt.

Knowing when/how to rest is a sign of strength. Try your best and your best is ENOUGH!

3. Increase Strength and Conditioning

In order to be able to perform all those cool arm balances, inversions and back bends safely, with the right alignments, requires loads of drills and practice.

I find Pilates and conditioning really important to strengthen the upper/lower body and core.

Choose what works for you!

4. Seek for Improvement, not Perfection

Nobody’s practice is perfect and never will be. The key is to keep trying without judgement towards yourself and others. You are not racing and there is no price. Celebrate every little improvement and trust the process - everything will come at the right time.

5. Deepen your Yoga Philosophy Knowledge

By deepening your knowledge of what’s is behind the practice, you will find beauty and harmony in everything you do, not just on the mat but also “Off the mat”.

Knowledge is power, and power is confidence.

6. Take Pictures

Take pictures of your favourite yoga poses and compare them from time to time. It’s empowering how our bodies can improve in such a small period of time. Sometimes it’s hard to notice as the mind automatically focuses on weaknesses rather than strengths and improvements.

AND… don’t forget to be KIND TO YOURSELF. If you don’t, no one else will!

I am currently offering a variety of classes for all needs - Online schedule as follow:

- Tuesday 6:15pm (GMT)


Each week we will be focusing on a different inversion, arm balance or/and back bend in order to level up your practice safely.

Suitable for all levels.

- Wednesday 8:00am (GMT)


Gentle and energising Vinyasa Flow suitable for all levels

- Saturday 10:00am (GMT)

POWER YOGA – 60 mins

Playful and challenging Vinyasa Flow which includes inversions, arm balances and back bends.

Not suitable for complete beginners.

Claim your first FREE class with the code “FIRST CLASS” at the checkout.

All classes can be paid as you go, BUT if you wish to practice as much as you like, the monthly unlimited membership is the right option for you!

You can join the 7 Day Trial at any time under the section “PLAN AND PRICING”.

Cancel at any time with no extra fee, so why not?

I am looking forward to see all your lovely faces soon – I am SO proud of each one of you and all the improvements you’ve made so far – KEEP GOING, YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

Loads of love,

Gigi xx

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