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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a time of immense transformation, and it's crucial to nurture your body and mind during this beautiful journey. 

Gigi is dedicated to providing you with invaluable information, resources and guidance to empower you before, during and after your pregnancy. 

The beauty of pregnancy yoga is that it's a safe, gentle way to stay active and connected with your body and baby. 

Why pregnancy yoga is ALWAYS a good idea 

What to expect from our pregnacy yoga class

Welcome, beautiful mamas-to-be!

Join me for a fun-filled and relaxing pregnancy yoga class where we will stretch, breathe, and connect with our growing babies.

We'll start with a warm greeting and check in with each other to share our joys, fears, and exciting updates. Then, we'll flow into a series of energising yoga poses that are safe and appropriate for pregnancy.

As we move through the poses, we'll focus on building strength, increasing flexibility, and relieving common pregnancy discomforts. We'll also incorporate relaxation and breathwork exercises to help you connect with your baby, reduce stress and anxiety, and prepare for labor and delivery.

At the end of class, we'll come together for a final relaxation in Savasana. This is a chance to fully relax and let go of any tension or stress while also connecting with your baby and preparing for the rest of your day.

Join us for a fun and empowering pregnancy yoga class that will leave you feeling strong, relaxed, and ready for anything!


When can I join a pregnancy yoga class? 

On the second trimester, after 14 weeks. 

Remember, always check with your doctor or midwife before starting any new exercise routine.  

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